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Searching for Indigenous Data

This page features Open Data Portals focusing on Indigenous Data in Canada. When searching and using open Indigenous data, please be mindful of the additional sensitivity and respect that is required for using the data. An excellent resource to review before using Indigenous data is the First Nations Information Governance Centre OCAP Principles. In summary: "Standing for ownership, control, access and possession, OCAP® asserts that First Nations have control over data collection processes in their communities, and that they own and control how this information can be used" (FNIGC, 2020).

Another important consideration when searching and using Indigenous data, especially if searching international data portals, is awareness of keywords. Depending on the age of the data, it's possible that out of date and insensitive terminology was used to describe Indigenous peoples. In some cases, the terminology reflects the acceptable language at the time of data collection or government terminology (eg. the use of Aboriginal in Government of Canada data). In other cases, the terminology reflects language differences based on location. For example, in American data portals the keyword may be "Canadian Eskimo" in place of "Inuit."

Indigenous Data Portals