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Searching for Education Data

This page features Open Data Portals focusing on education data. Open education data can be difficult to find as it often requires additional levels of protection and suppression in order to protect the confidentiality of minors (for K-12 data). Post-secondary data is easier to find and is frequently collected by Statistics Canada.

In some cases data is available, but certain variables are suppressed or grouped to protect confidentiality. These may include:

  • Age
  • Race/ethncity
  • Gender

In Saskatchewan, the individual school divisions will release annual reports outlining:

  • Total enrollment
  • Number of French immersion students
  • Number of self-identified Indigenous students
  • Graduation rates

These reports are available through the Government of Saskatchewan Publications page. Be sure to search by the name of the school division, annual report, and year of report.

It is also important to know that more detailed education data is available through the Regina Research Data Centre. Researchers at the U of R can apply for access. Visit the Regina Research Data Centre page for more information.

Education Data Portals