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Federated College Libraries

All University of Regina faculty, staff, and students have access to the three federated college libraries. Each collection complements the others as well as the collection of the Dr. John Archer Library. Access to contents of all federated college library collections is through the Quick Find discovery interface.

The Dr. John Archer Library has a longstanding collaborative relationship with the three Federated College Libraries and works together to provide a consistent and high level of service to the entire campus community including the Federated Colleges. Archer Library supports the Federated Colleges in four broad areas.

Collections and Discovery

Archer Library facilitates off-campus and remote access to many online resources and also manages the Quick Find online catalogue system shared by the four institutions. Work includes cataloguing materials, managing subscriptions of licensed resources and financial management of physical and online one-time purchases. Specific examples include:


Archer Library provides open access supports, data services, and copyright guidance for researchers from Federated Colleges. Specific examples include:

Teaching Supports

Archer Library and the Federated Colleges Libraries work together to help instructors with placing material requests and creating reading lists and reserves.


Individuals associated with the Federated colleges also benefit from alumni access and interlibrary loan, and are eligible to apply for the Archer Library Award for undergraduate students and the University Author Recognition Program which celebrates creative and scholarly works.