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Online Access

What is Browzine?

Browzine is a free app that allows you to browse, read, and monitor all journals available at the University of Regina. Browzine alerts you to new issues and allows you to create bookmarks and your own personalized journal bookshelf,.

How do I get Browzine?

The Library subscribes to Browzine's mobile and web version. Download the mobile version free from the Apple Store or Android Store. Once downloaded onto your phone or tablet, select "University of Regina" and enter your Novell username and password to access our journal subscriptions.


Introductory video about BrowZine on Vimeo. Additionally, the makers of BrowZine, Third Iron, have a support website where you can get more information about how to use BrowZine or get technical support.

You can also contact the Archer Library at 306-585-4133 or by email.