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Data Services

Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SANDS)

The Library provides access to quantitative computer-readable research data and digital spatial data from various disciplines. Staff assist with identifying, locating and retrieving data files in the collection, as well as identifying, locating and acquiring data when possible, from external sites.  Some data files are subject to specific licence agreements which restrict use to current U of R students, faculty and staff. Please note and observe any restrictions which may apply.

What We Can Learn from Data

Levels of Data Access

Open Access - Data that is freely available to view and download online. Government data is frequently open access. Statistics Canada releases open access Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs) of most surveys and census reports.

Mediated (Library) Access - Data that is accessible only to library users with the assistance of the SANDS staff.

Restricted Access - Data that is only accessible after completing a rigorous application and vetting process. U of R faculty and grad students may apply to access restricted data from Statistics Canada through the Regina Research Data Centre.