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Searching for Health Data

This page features Open Data Portals focusing on health data in Canada. Open health data can be difficult to find as it often requires additional levels of protection and suppression in order to protect the confidentiality of patients. In general, open health data will have:

  • Broader geographic coverage - Provincial, census metropolitan areas, or health authority are the usual geographic boundaries,
  • Focus on more common health events and issues including the 80 Health Indicators.

It is difficult to find open data on:

  • Rare health conditions,
  • Clustered health events.

In some cases data is available, but certain variables are suppressed or grouped to protect confidentiality. These may include:

  • Age
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Gender

It is also important to know that more detailed health data is available through the Regina Research Data Centre. Researchers at the U of R can apply for access. Visit the Regina Research Data Centre page for more information.

Health Data Portals