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Searching for Business and Economic Data

Open business and economic data can be extremely difficult to find. Much of the data collected by national statistical agencies (eg. Statistics Canada) are suppressed to protect confidentiality of the businesses and their employees. Most business and economic data are summarized by NAIC (North American Industry Classification) code, meaning open data will often be broad in scope. Some businesses will release data in annual reports, but this is sometimes dependent on the whether the company is publicly or privately held.

In Canada, to access more secure Statistics Canada business data requires applying to access CDER in Ottawa. If you have a project that requires access to that data, you can apply, but know the process takes time and there are enhanced security measures and protocols.

If you are looking for business data on a specific organization, you may want to inquire with the organization or look on their website. Many organizations will provide annual reports which may feature the data you are looking for. Likewise, some private data collection organizations will collect data in more narrow scopes than NAIC code. Access to these reports is also available; although full access may come at a cost. Contact your subject librarian, or the Data Services Librarian for assistance with finding data.

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