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Data Analysis

After collecting your survey responses you will need to analyze the responses and communicate the results in a meaningful way. Qualtrics has several features to analyze and report your survey data.

Data analysis options

Several options can be used to analyze your data:

  • Data selection (Allows you to classify, merge, import and clean data for analysis)
  • Text section (Contains Text IQ tools. Use Text IQ tools to tag text entry responses with topics for analysis)
  • Stats IQ *add on feature (Allows you to analyze trends and use predictive modeling)
  • Crosstabs (Allows for Multivariate analyses (looking at more than one variable at a time) to examine p-value, Chi Square, and T-Test stats). 

Analyzing and Reporting Data using Qualtrics

Guide for Data Analysis

Guide for Data Analysis 

See for more information about data analysis functions of Qualtrics.