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Learning to use Qualtrics

Learn to build an online survey using Qualtrics. Learn how to create/ edit questions, and format a survey to change the look/ feel of it. 

Basic Tasks needed for a Qualtrics Survey Project

Here are some basic tasks you need for a Qualtrics Survey project:

  • Planning the objective(s) of your survey and what questions you will ask
  • Consult with any necessary research ethics or policy requirements of the university prior to designing the survey
  • Build the survey 
    • Create questions
    • Build survey blocks 
    • Create survey flow logic
    • Design look and feel of survey
  • Distribute the survey
    • Determine your sample of participants
    • How will you distribute the survey
    • What is the most effective way to distribute your survey to reach your target pool of participants?
  • Analyze your data
    • What are some important findings from your research?
    • How will you report/communicate this data? 




Getting started with your Qualtrics survey

This video will introduce you to Qualtrics basic features involved in creating a survey. 

Adding an Informed Consent Survey

Creating an Informed Consent Survey

Created by Kent State University

For research with human subjects Informed consent is required to obtain in most studies (consult the Research Ethics Board link in the Applying for REB ethics tab above, for more information).


Kent State University Libraries. (2017, May 15). Qualtrics Tutorials: Informed Consent. Retrieved May 20, 2020, from 

User Guide

Qualtrics Quick Start Guide 

by the University of British Columbia 

See this guide for a written in-depth instructions on navigating features of Qualtrics, such as: how to develop, and format questions, creating logic to questionnaires, and using the data and analysis features amongst many other features.