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Reading Lists & Reserves

Send Your List for Review and Publish

When you’ve finished building or updating your list, remember to send it to the Library.

Send your list to the Library
Click on Library Review (near the top of the screen). When you send a list, the Library will review your list, and make it available for students.

Publish Your List
You are now ready to publish your list. You need to do this in order to make your list visible to students.
To publish a list: 1. Click on the three dots (…) (the reading list options menu) at the top of your list, then select Publish.

Please note: Unpublished lists will have a status of ‘Draft’ and can only be viewed by list creators and collaborators.

Adding New Items After a Reading List Has Been Published

You can continue to add or remove items in a list once it has been published.

If you add new items, you need to hit the "Library Review" button, to alert the Library, otherwise the library doesn't receive a notice that there are new items to process. The list will remain as "Being Prepared".