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Reading Lists & Reserves

Duplicating Your Reading List

To copy your Reading List to another course.
1. Click on the three dots (…) (the reading list options menu) at the top of your list, then select Duplicate list.
2. To work on your new list, go to Lists.
This duplicate list will have the same name as the original but with (1) at the end and have a status of Draft.
3. The duplicated list will be associated to the same course as the original. To associate the duplicated list to a new course, click on the three dots (...) icon and select Manage course association.
4. Type in the new course name or course code and click Associate.
5. The new list should be in Draft format and will require processing by the Library again. Make your edits and then select Send List.

Reusing Reading Lists

The reuse of a reading list can be done by library reserves staff or by instructors.
1. If you would like to reuse your list, you can
contact library reserves staff via email at or;
2. As an instructor, you can copy a section in your reading list to another reading list by clicking on the ellipses, and select "Copy Section".

A new window will appear, and you will be prompted to select the appropriate course from the drop-down menu. Select your course, and click "Confirm".

After you are finishing copying the sections over to your new list, make sure to hit the "Library Review" button to send the list to Library.