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Fines and Fees

Fine Schedule for Overdue/Lost Items
Regular loans: 50 cents/day up to a maximum of $16 per item
Recalled items: $10.00/day after the recall due date up to a maximum of $100 per item
Reserves $5.00/hour up to a maximum of $100 per item
Laptops $10.00/day up to a maximum of $50 per item
Lost Items Replacement cost of item + $25 administration fee
Exceptions: Laptop = $175 (+ $25 administration fee for each)
Most items are declared lost 32 days after their due date. However, reserves are declared lost 3 days after their due date.


Overdue fines encourage the timely return of library materials to ensure fair access to library resources for all patrons.

If you wish to appeal your fine, please contact the Archer Library Help Desk. The following reasons will not be accepted for disputing fines:

  • Ignorance of library policies
  • Forgetting due dates
  • Not renewing on time
  • Not receiving a courtesy or overdue notice
  • Inability to renew online
  • Borrowed the item for another person
  • Item returned late by another person
  • Not returning recalled items because you were away from campus
  • Library was closed

If your fines and lost charges reach $50.00 or more, you will be blocked from borrowing library materials.

If we have your email address, you will receive a courtesy notice 7 days before materials are due. An overdue notice will be emailed 1 day after the due date, to remind you to return or renew books before you receive a Fines and Fees notice listing amounts owed.

The Library does not accept purchased replacements of lost items.

Archer fines and lost fees are payable by contacting the Archer Library Help Desk. They can be paid in-person by debit or credit card. They can also be paid online by accessing "My Library Account". Library fines for Campion, Luther, and First Nations University of Canada are paid separately at each library. However, fines for all libraries can be paid online through accessing "My Library Account".

After 50 days, outstanding fines will be referred to the University of Regina Financial Services Office for collection.  Financial Services will block registration, convocation and release of credits until outstanding fines have been paid.

For more information, contact the Archer Library Help Desk.

Online Payment of Fines and Fees

The Library accepts online payments. Library fines can be paid online through your library account from the library website.

How to pay:

  • Go to, click on “My Library Account” in the top navigation bar and sign in with your University of Regina username and password.
  • Click on “Pay Fines” to be transferred to Touchnet.
  • On the Touchnet form, enter your credit card number (MasterCard or Visa accepted) and other details as prompted.
  • Following a successful Touchnet payment, the total amount of the fines/fees listed in your account will be cleared. You will receive a receipt from the Library and a payment notification from Touchnet.

If you have questions regarding your library fines and/or the online payment system, please contact