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What Kind of Search Do I Need?

Quick Find

Quick Find is the standard search box on the library's homepage. Enter keywords, titles, or authors into the box and it will perform a search of our library's holdings and many of our databases for results. Some additional tabs on the homepage allow you to search Quick Find for articles or books exclusively.

Quick Find is great for initial searches and ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

Advanced Search

Searching using the same system as Quick Find, Advanced Search gives you the ability to search different fields specifically, including title, author, subject, and ISBN, as well as providing added pre-search filters like resource type, language, and publication dates.

Advanced Search is useful when you have a more complex search query or specific information needs.

Dilex Search

Dilex Search is a unique search system ideal for graduate students and researchers who are doing larger, longer term research projects.

By logging in with your credentials, it keeps a search history for you categorized by tasks. It allows you to revisit easily revise and refine past searches, resume your search strategies, continue searching from a different device, and save relevant results. It also provides timelines of your various search tasks and the number of documents you saved in each session to help you visualize search productivity.