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Accessibility at Archer


Paid parking spots are available directly north of the Library building on University Drive North.  Accessible parking is available in Lot 15, east of the Library building and in front of the Administration-Humanities building. Lot 15 can be accessed from University Drive North by turning south onto wīnkaškōn Loop. Parking pay stations are located in the front entrances of the Library and Administration-Humanities buildings. 

Parking maps can be found here.


Approaching and Entering

From paid parking on University Drive North 

  • There is one outside entrance to the library, located on the north side of the Library building.  It is accessed from University Drive North via a downhill sidewalk. 

From accessible parking in Lot 15

  • Enter the north doors of the Administration-Humanities building.  Walk south past the sunken seating area. Turn west and proceed down the hallway.  The library entrance will be in the next building over, on the left hand side.  

The entrance into the library is level floor with no stairs or ramps.  During opening hours, the library doors are kept open for easy entrance and exit.   


Public Washrooms
Wheelchair accessible washrooms are available on the first and sixth floors of the Archer Library.  Single-user washrooms are available on floors 1 & 6.  The first floor also has multi-user washrooms with wheelchair accessible stalls.


The Archer Library is equipped with two hands-free elevators. The elevator lobby on the main floor is located south of the Help Desk. Elevator buttons are raised and have numbers in braille beside them.  Elevators announce which floor they are on.


Help Phones

There are telephones on floors 3, 4, and 5 that connect directly with the Help Desk on the main floor. These are located on the wall across from the elevators.


Fire Safety

Elevators are not to be used when the fire alarm sounds.  Entrances to the stairwell are located in the center block of each floor, directly across from the elevators.  Patrons who are unable to use the stairs are asked to wait just inside the stairwell door and an emergency warden will obtain assistance for them.  

The following exits can be used when the fire alarm sounds:

  • Main floor front entrance
  • South door in Archway Gallery
  • South door located between Student Success Librarian's office and study rooms.
  • Second floor podium exit


Noise Zones
The Archer Library has designated noise zones which fall into three different categories:

  • Green Zones - for group study and normal volume conversation. The main floor of the library is a Green Zone. 
  • Yellow Zones - for quiet study and minimal volume conversation. Yellow zones can be found on floors 3 and 4, and in the Archives and Special Collections reading room on the main floor.
  • Red Zones - for silent study. The 5th floor and the computer lab on the 6th floor are Red Zones.

A map showing the locations of the different zones can be found here.  


Study Rooms
There are twelve private study rooms available for booking by students.  Rooms must be booked ahead of time by using the online booking system here.  

All study rooms are wheelchair accessible.  Most are located on the main floor; floors 3 and 5 have one study room each.  The following rooms require keys which can be signed out at the Help Desk on the main floor:

  • 107.1 (Pasqua Room)
  • 107.14 (Echo Lake Room)
  • 308 (Grasslands Room)
  • 508 (Cypress Hills Room)


Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in the library.


Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the library by visiting this link.