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SPARK: The Conclusion

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The Conclusion

The concluding section of an academic paper usually features a paragraph that summarizes the important points raised in the body of the essay. You should be careful not to bring up new details in your conclusion, and you should limit your summary to one or two sentences per topic discussed in your paper. You might also wish to include a brief discussion of the implications of the points made in the essay.

Points to consider when writing a conclusion:

  • Review the body of the  essay and identify the most important points to include in a summary conclusion.
  • Consider the order of the sentences that you have written for your conclusion. Do they follow the same sequence as the points in your essay? Do all of the points seem relevant? Is anything missing?
  • Once you have established that your conclusion makes sense, write a section in that discusses the implications of your research. Here, you can ponder, offer recommendations, examine consequences, point to larger issues and offer informed opinion.