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SPARK: Preventative Measures

A resource for students wanting to improve their academic and research skills.

Preventative Measures

Ultimately, it is your own responsibility as a university student to understand and to apply the principles of academic integrity.

Here are some tips to help you produce work with integrity:

  • manage your time to avoid the temptation of cutting corners. See Time Management module for guidance
  • check first with your instructor if you would like to make use of collaboration, tutoring, or editorial help from others
  • make use of on-campus academic support services – campus Libraries, Global Learning Centre, the Writing Centre, or the Student Success Centre's other services
  • keep a research log, notes on your readings, and drafts of your written work, to document your research process
Following the guidelines and resources included in this module and other SPARK modules will help you adhere to principles of academic integrity in all facets of your academic work.