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SPARK: Time Management

A resource for students wanting to improve their academic and research skills.

Time Management

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Why Manage Time?

In order to effectively manage your time and ensure you are giving yourself enough independent study time, you need to become aware of how and where you spend your time and gain a realistic picture of how long schoolwork and written assignments actually take.

In-class activities, such as lectures, tutorials and labs, constitute only a portion of the total demand on your time.

Reading articles and textbooks, reviewing your notes from class, studying for exams, and completing assignments are all up to you to schedule and these take more time than your classes.

Managing your time effectively can:

  • help you feel more in control and less stressed as you work on your assignments
  • set the stage for doing that work more effectively
  • create a sense of achievement when you complete your assignments on time
  • increase your confidence
  • leave you time for extra-curricular activities, hobbies, or employment, or in other words creating balance!