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SPARK: Revising Your Arguments

A resource for students wanting to improve their academic and research skills.

Revising Your Arguments

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Why Revise?

Because writing about a topic is a way of learning about it, the revision process is especially important. It is likely that, at the end of an essay, you have learned something about the topic that will change your earlier (and sometimes even later) sections.  

Reviewing and revising your work will help you to:

  • “re-see” your topic and what you have said about it
  • see new points to make, find better explanations of your ideas, and make interesting new connections among those ideas
  • improve your understanding of your topic and the quality of your essay

This module on making revisions is closely related to the following modules:

Revising, drafting, and editing are closely related processes. In fact, most writers do not readily distinguish the three as they work. They do not simply draft once, revise once and edit once in that order. They are likely to move back and forth among these processes effortlessly and frequently. This module will help you develop efficient and productive strategies for revising your work, wherever you may be in the writing process.