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SPARK: Class Preparation

A resource for students wanting to improve their academic and research skills.

Class Preparation

Class preparation involves regularly dedicating time to complete readings, labs, group work and other class activities. A starting point is to block out at least one to two hours of preparation time for each hour you spend in class. Everyone is different, so adjust as you go.
  1. Enter your class preparation time into your schedule.
  2. Label each block of time by course name/number.
  3. Review the completed personal academic schedule below containing fixed commitments, personal activities, and class preparation time. How does it compare to yours?

Sample Schedule

Notice in the sample schedule the addition of class preparation time.

  • Classes
  • Commuting time
  • Part-time job
  • Swimming
  • Class preparation by course name/number

You may already feel like you have more control just by clarifying how you spend your time. You may also wish to incorporate your weekly personal academic schedule into your yearly agenda or calendar, blocking off these times for the entire term. If you’re using an online calendar, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, use the recurring event feature.