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Government Publications

Best Bet Databases - Canada and Provinces

Quick Find

Quick Find is a search engine that simultaneously searches the holdings of the University of Regina and federated college libraries (including books, journals, videos, sound recordings, etc.), and many databases of journal articles, government documents, dissertations, and more.

Government publications can be accessed via Quick Find in a number of ways:

             Title: (e.g. Royal Commission of Inquiry into the response of the Newfoundland criminal  justice system to complaints. )

             Author: (e.g. Canada Dept. of National Defense)

           Subject: (e.g. Aged - Housing) 

             Keywords: (e.g. Quebec and Separation)


Key Titles

Browsing the Shelves

Government information resources that have a specific subject focus are now shelved according to the LC (Library of Congress) classification scheme and are shelved with other materials in the same subject area. Government information resources that pertain to the workings of government, such as statutes, are shelved according to the CODOC system designed specifically for government information resources.

 Finding items organized by CODOC number can be confusing at first. These quick rules will help you:

  • Nothing comes before something. (Example: CA3 HW comes before CA3 HW 24.)
  • Items are organized alphanumerically. That means organized by letters and then by numbers. So CA1BS85-C224 comes before CA2ONLR – 94Y57
  • CODOC organizes things by the government body, branch or dept. that created the resources (instead of organizing things by subject area)
  • Every part of the CODOC number means something specific:

For example, the call number CA2 ON MA 160 - 89 M76 means:


Country / Organization Code



Level of Government Code



Province Code




Ministry of Municipal Affairs



Municipal Management Practices Branch


Year of Publication



Unique Title/Series Identifier

Title begins "Multiculturalism"


CODOC Structure:

Country Code:
CA - Canada


Codes for Level of Government:

1 - Federal
2 - Province/Territory
3 - Region/County
4 - Municipal

Provincial Codes for Canada:

AL - Alberta
BC - British Columbia
MA - Manitoba
NB - New Brunswick
NF - Newfoundland
NT - Northwest Territories
NV - Nova Scotia
ON - Ontario
PE - Prince Edward Island
PQ - Quebec
SA - Saskatchewan
YU - Yukon Territory

International Codes:

US1 - United States (federal government)
UN1-UN8 - United Nations and subordinate agencies
UN9 - Organizations part of the United Nations System; UN9 ES = UNESCO