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Video Accessibility Guide

A guide to making video tutorials accessible for users with diverse needs.

Zoom Licensed Useful Tools

  • In order to make an audio transcript with Zoom, you must have a Zoom Licensed (Pro) account. If you are a U of R employee and have set up a free Basic Zoom account at using a email account, you can request a Licensed Pro account to allow for unlimited meetings over 40 min. in length. For more information on using Zoom, go to
  • The key thing to remember when changing settings is to not be confused by the closed captioning options and the audio transcripts options.
    • If you enable closed captioning options, you are creating the option for someone in a Zoom meeting to do live captioning.
    • If you enable audio transcript features, you are enabling an auto-generated audio transcript.
  • With the above distinction in mind, this article will provide step by step instruction for enabling Audio Transcript recording.
  • Remember:
    • You must save to the cloud to generate and audio transcript
    • Cloud recordings will only stay in the cloud for 30 days
    • Your audio transcript can be edited in notepad or in Zoom Pro, but download your transcript either way.
    • Having a script will make editing the audio transcript easier.
    • Your audio transcript will be a .vtt file, which is compatible with YouTube