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Video Accessibility Guide

A guide to making video tutorials accessible for users with diverse needs.

Visual Best Practices

Guidelines to ensure clear text:

  • Black text on a white background is the easiest to read.
  • If using colour, use high contrast colours for text and background.
  • Good contrast pairings:
    • Black or dark blue text on white or yellow background.
    • White or yellow text on black or dark blue background.
  • Restrict use of coloured text.
  • Avoid using colour to assign meaning, unless you are explaining the meaning in your narration.
  • Font should be at least 18 point size for videos using PowerPoint slides.
  • Images of websites with text should be at least 12 point size.
    • If the text is small, considering zooming in, but make sure you narrate the action.
  • Avoid crowding text on a slide.
  • Opt for standard fonts with medium heaviness.

Other visual accessibility tips:

  • If you are narrating visual cues or locations (eg: “click the big red button”) keep in mind that visually impaired users cannot see the screen and provide additional wayfinding options.
  • If using graphics, make sure they are large, high-contrast, sharp, and clear.
  • If creating a text only screencast, provide an alternative format (eg: a PDF file) that can be read by screen readers.