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Music: Canadian Music


Canadian Music Periodical Index

CMPI is an index of articles from Canadian music periodicals. CMPI is a free service provided by the Library and Archives Canada. Texts of articles are not available from this site, but can be obtained through interlibrary loan.

Canadian Music Centre (CMC)

 The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian concert music, makes available over 15,000 scores and/or works of contemporary Canadian composers, and markets 900 Canadian CD titles.

The CMC is your Canadian music source! Not only can you listen to thousands of archived recordings via streaming audio, you can lend scores for no charge!

CMC Score Rental

The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) will lend scores and ship them to your address free of charge. To request scores you:

  1. Enter the CMC website
  2. Log in and for first time users click on Create an account
  3. Click on Sheet Music
  4. Enter your search terms
  5. Select your score
  6. Add to Request List
  7. Fill out mailing address


The Canadian Music Centre website has thousands of archived recordings by Canadian Composers which you can listen to via streaming audio. To listen to streaming audio from the CMC website you:

  1. Enter the CMC website
  2. Select "Find a Composer" or "Find Music" from the top menu bar
  3. Once you have selected audio you must create an account or log in
  4. Enjoy some great Canadian music!