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Music: Finding Music Recordings

Quick Find

You can also search for recordings through the Quick Find catalogue

  • Select advanced search
  • Open the "Material Type" drop down menu
  • Select "Audio Visual"

Creating Playlists in Naxos

Musical Recordings - Online Resources

Creating a Playlist in Naxos

Did you know you can create your own personal playlist in Naxos? First, you need to set up an account. Follow the steps below to start creating playlists in Naxos.

Setting up your account

  1. Open Naxos Music Library or Log into Naxos Music Library using your Campus Connection credentials.
  2. Click on Playlist in the navigational menu.
  3. Select "Sign Up"
  4. Fill out the form with the required information. You're all set!

Creating playlists

  1. Access Naxos Music Library and click on Playlist in the navigational menu.
  2. Under the Playlist menu, click on Login. Log in using the Email Address and Password you used to register.
  3. Click on My Playlist tab and click on the default current folder. You may also create your own folder under this tab. You are only allowed to create playlists in the your Playlist tab. You may only view and stream playlists from other tabs.
  4. Once you’ve created a Folder for yourself, create a Playlist within that folder.
  5. Now that you’ve created a blank playlist, you are ready to fill it with music.
  6. You can search for a CD and when you have chosen one, click on the album name or cover, and the CD page will appear in a new window.
  7. Select the tracks you want to add by clicking the check-boxes to the left of the tracks. You can add as few or as many tracks as you want. Click the "Add to Playlist" button.
  8. A small window will open in which you can add the chosen track(s) to an existing playlist or to a new playlist for which you can create a new title.
  9. To add a track to an existing playlist, select the tab then the folder and choose one of the playlist titles listed. To create a new playlist, simply type a new playlist title into the empty box beside “Playlist Name” under New Playlist section. Once you have added the selected item(s) to your playlist, click “Save.”

Naxos Music Library have iPhone & Android apps: you'll be able to use playlists you've created, and browse all of Naxos from your phone. Download the NML (Naxos Digital Services) app from iTunes or the Naxos Music Library app from Google Play.