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WGST: Feminist Theorizing and Global Feminisms

Feminist Theorizing and Global Feminisms

The fourth stream in WGST is called Feminist Theorizing and Global Feminisms. It develops analysis of significant feminist discourses such as neo-Marxist feminism, eco-feminism, radical feminism, critical race, and post-colonial theories, engages areas of concern such as human rights, particular feminist epistemologies and tools of analysis, such as postcolonial feminism or feminist qualitative analysis, and different phenomena such as globalization. The stream's rationale is:

1. to extend students understanding of feminism beyond North America and the West;

2. to develop a deeper comprehension of feminism;

3. to instill in students an awareness of their human citizenship beyond national boundaries; and

4. to challenge Western modernist and masculinist paradigms of knowledge production and suggest different ways of knowing generated from different geo-political locations.

The courses developed for this stream are WGST 200 (Feminisms: Feminist Methods and Theories).

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