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WGST: Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality

The third stream in WGST is called Gender and Sexuality.  It examines the social and cultural ideological formations of the categories of gender and sexuality. Drawing upon feminist, post-structural and queer theories, the intentions of the courses in this stream are to make apparent systems of meaning and power in a variety of geo-political and historical contexts. The stream's rationale is:

1. to think about conceptualizations of gender and sexuality and their interrelation with the categories of race and class;

2. to introduce students to further feminist theories in regard to gender and sexuality;

3. to introduce students to queer and post-structural theory;

4. to develop feminist theorizing in relation to myth, symbol and ritual; and

5. to further cross-cultural analysis. The courses in this stream consist of WGST 372 (Gender: Theories and Practices), WGST 380AM (Gender, Race and Sexuality in Popular Culture) and WGST 880AA (Mapping Sexuality: From Sappho to Madonna).