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Quick Find: Print or Export Results


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Printing or Exporting Your Search Results

When you are looking at

  • a list of results,

  • an individual result,

  • or a list of saved items,

you have several options for printing or exporting the item(s).

Here is how you can see the list of options for an item in a result list.
First, click on the three dots.

After clicking on the dots, you see these options. Each is explained below.

no Refworks

Share: to social network sites WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Permalink: copy a permanent link for this item, which you can paste into a bibliography or elsewhere.

E-mail: email the record to yourself or others.

Print: print the record for this item.

Citation: provides a pre-formated citation in several common citation styles. Make sure to double check that the formatting is correct.

Export BibTeX: downloads the record for this item in a format designed for BibTeX software, which is used with the LaTeX document formatting system. This format can also be used with other citation managers.

Export RIS: downloads the record for this item in RIS format, which can be used in all major citation managers, including EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, and others.

QR: use your phone to scan the QR code for this item.