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Quick Find: Request an Item


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Finding an unavailable item

Here's an example of how Quick Find displays a book that is unavailable because another patron has it signed out. The example being used here is the book The Film Paintings of David Lynch.

Requesting an unavailable item

If you open the item record for that book (by clicking on the title), you will see the link to request the item from the patron who currently has it signed out. Note that the "request" option will only be visible if you are signed into Quick Find.

Completing the request

Clicking on the "request" link will bring up a short form to fill out. The pick-up location will default to the book lockers just outside the Archer Library entrance, which is the pickup location for all books including those from federated college libraries. Books can be returned to any campus library. If you live outside of Regina, you can also have the book mailed to you.

Once the request has been made, the current user of the book will get notified that their loan period has been shortened. They are also prevented from renewing the book. When the book is returned to the library, you will get notified and the book will be on hold for you to pick up at the book lockers. The hold will be active for one week, after which time the book will be returned to the shelf.