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Public Policy: Finding Books

Quick Find Tips

Searching for Books

Use Quick Find to find books (including e-books) at the University of Regina Library, Campion College Library, Luther College Library, First Nations University Library, and online.

Quick Find offers two search modes: Basic Search and Advanced Search.

  • In Basic Search, you initiate a search by entering keywords. When you get a list of search results, look for Resource Types to the left of the list, and click on the word Books under it. This leaves only books in your search results.
  • In Advanced Search you have options when you enter your keywords, such as limiting the search to a specific field (e.g. title, author, ISBN). You can limit your search results to books by selecting books from the Material Type menu, or by using the same method as is used in Basic Search (described above).

Additional Quick Find advice:

Boolean Operators

The Boolean operators are AND, OR, and NOT.

          Saskatchewan AND medicare   This retrieves items that have the word Saskatchewan and the word medicare.
  medical OR health This retrieves items that have the word medical or the word health.
  environment NOT oil This retrieves items that have the word environment but not the word oil. Use this with caution.


Boolean operators can be grouped with parentheses:

(Saskatchewan OR Alberta) AND (health OR medical)

Boolean operators must be in capital letters in Quick Find.
If you don't use Boolean operators in your search, Quick Find uses AND by default.


You can insert a wildcard operator at the end or in the middle of a search term in Quick Find. The wildcard operator is the asterisk ( * ). It stands for any number of characters (including none).
There is a maximum of four wildcards in a search statement.

neighb*r*    This retrieves items that have neighbour, neighbor, neighbours, neighboring, etc.


Phrases are sequences of words that appear together in the order specified. Use quotation marks ( " . . . " ) to indicate phrases in Quick Find.

"public policy"   This retrieves items having this phrase, with the words together in the order shown.

Phrases and WildcardsTogether

Quick Find allows you to use phrases and wildcards simultaneously.

"Saskatchewan polit*"   This retrieves the phrases Saskatchewan politics, Saskatchewan politicians etc.


Additional guidance on using QuickFind can be found here.

Off-Campus Library Services

If you both live and study outside of Regina, check out below Guide: