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Public Policy: Getting Started

Let's get started!

It is important how to effectively read and understand journal articles.  It is a critical part of the cyclical research process.  This handout gives concise and practical tips for reading a humanities and social science journal article.

Maintaining academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism are vital when writing.  Understanding the intentional and unintentional use of an individual's ideas or words is critical.  Some guidelines are here.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website also contains information about Academic Misconduct.

The University of Regina Library has a series of How Do I...LibGuides that offer explanations on the basics of getting started to do research. 

A few short video tutorials are here

There is a public policy LibGuide about policy analysis and research methods and on writing public policy (University of Saskatchewan).

A great resource for explaining the legal research process is The Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide.


Literature Reviews

Several university libraries have resoures on how to compile a literature review.  A partial list can be found here.

Contacting an expert

There are other people you can speak with in addition to the Liaison librarian for Public Policy and the Data Librarian. Civil servants at all levels of governement have expertise in their filed.  They essentially work for the general public and online staff directories, addition to other people in public policy related fields are available here

Subject Librarian

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