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Google Scholar: An Essential Research Tool: Searching Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar

Group Project Topic:    


                        In recent years, there has been much discussion of “weapons of mass destruction”,

                        including biological warfare. During World War 2, Great Britain conducted experiments

                        with anthrax spores on a small offshore island called Gruinard. In your project report,

                        examine and discuss the following aspects related to those experiments –

                                    Describe the experiments and their results.

                                    Were there any impacts on British military/political policies?                    

                                    Were there any ecological or environmental impacts?

                                    How were any such impacts remedied?

                                    Was there ever any proof that two of the Axis powers [Germany/Japan] used

                                    biological weapons such as anthrax?


Concept Map Review:

E X P A N D E D    C O N C E P T S


Gruinard                    Anthrax           experiment*      result*        ecolog*                politic*

                                  Anthracis                                                    environment*       militar*



R E L A T E D   C O N C E P T


Anthrax                 German*       “world war”

Anthracis               Japan*


Is There Relevant Material On Google Scholar?   

Start as before with a general search  -

gruinard    ( anthrax  OR  anthracis )


Remember that Google automatically and invisibly inserts the word AND between   Gruinard  and the set of brackets which follows.

The command word OR must be in capital letters.

Note:  When using Scholar, you DO need to use (…..brackets…..)  to group words describing a concept.


Google Scholar will interpret this search to mean –

                        Find all records containing the word    Gruinard.

                        Find all records containing the words  anthrax  or  anthracis  or  both words.

                        Keep all records which contain both concepts :   Gruinard   and also   anthrax/anthracis.



The search retrieves over 800 records, including books/journal articles/government documents/conference papers, and other good - quality materials.  A few sample records are shown below. This very general search gives good results on what the Gruinard experiments were, and also information on the effects of those tests.  




How can you get to the full – text of these documents? 




Subject Guide

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