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Streaming Media Access

This Guide provides the various paths towards accessing streaming video and streaming audio/music for U of Regina Library users.

Non-Library Streaming Services

If you want to access streaming media that the Library is not able to provide, there are numerous options available in Canada (other geographic regions will have different options).

This page includes resources for tracking down which service can provide the media you are seeking, and links to streaming services providing relatively stable collections of media that are available in Canada.

Finding Where a Movie or TV show Can Be Streamed

There are so many different streaming services with so much overlap between them, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you should check to find a particular piece of media. If you have already tried searching QuickFind for streaming media with no luck, you can also check commercially available streaming services.

Try starting your search with one of these tools to narrow down where you should be looking:

Free Streaming Services in Canada

[This list was adapted from the information provided by]

University of Regina's Library Streaming Services