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Book Pickup Lockers

Book Pickup Lockers for Hold Requests
Where are the Book Pickup Lockers located?

* Outside the Archer Library in the hallway leading to the Ad/Hum Building.

When can I pick up my requested items?

* You will receive an email notification when the requested item(s) are ready for pickup.
* Access to the Book Pickup Lockers is dependent upon University  building hours.

Who can request items for pickup at the book pickup lockers?

* All current students, staff and faculty can request books and other items for pickup.

My barcode will not scan. What am I doing wrong?

* You may be holding the card too close to the scanner.  Hold it at least an inch away from the scanner and at a slight angle so the scanner can read the barcode.

I don't have a PhotoID card and I don't know my barcode number.  What do I do?

* If you don't know your barcode please contact Library staff at so they can assist you.

Help! The locker door will not open, no matter if I swipe my card or enter my 14 digit barcode number. How can I retrieve my hold items?

* You may be using an old PhotoID card which may have an out of date barcode on it.  This can occur if your University status changed from student to being a staff member or back to being a student. Contact the library at to get you current barcode.

Which libraries can I request items from for pickup at the book pickup lockers?

* The lockers provide pickup for items from the Archer Library, the Teaching Development Centre, Campion College, Luther College, and the First Nations University. First Nations University item requests can also be picked up on site at each of their libraries.

* When requesting items in QuickFind from any of these libraries for pick up at the lockers please select "Pickup at: Book Pickup Lockers - Archer Library".

How do I request titles that are held at the Saskatoon and Prince Albert campuses of First Nations University?

* On the Quick Find request form select the specific campus library that holds the title. The item can be made available for pick up at any First Nations campus library, the Archer Library Pickup Lockers, or it can be delivered to your home or work address.

The screen says I have no items on hold after I scan in my barcode.  What do I do?

* Please consult staff at the Help Desk inside the Archer Library. Your holds may be available on our hold shelving at the Help Desk. Present your Photo ID card to staff to retrieve your hold items there.

The screen is listing my hold items in red and tells me to contact the Library.  How do I do this?
* If the screen highlights the list of items in red and tells you to Contact the Library, please go to the Help Desk at  the Archer Library so staff can assist you.

* If the Library is closed contact staff at www.ureginaca/library/help and staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long do my requested titles stay in the holds lockers?

* They will be held in the lockers for 7 days after which they will be removed it they aren't picked up.