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Book Pickup Lockers

Book Pickup Lockers for Hold Requests

1. Scan your barcode from your University of Regina PhotoID card  using the barcode scanner  at the locker kiosk.  Hold your card at a slight angle about one inch from the scanner until your barcode is recognized.

Alternatively manually enter your barcode  on the touchscreen.

If you don't know your barcode please contact Library staff at so they can assist you.

2.  Your hold items will be displayed on the screen (highlighted in green) along with a note about which locker number to collect your items from. 


3.   The items will then be loaned out to you and the locker door containing them will open.  Retrieve your items from the locker and close its door.

4. You will automatically receive an email with the due date of the item(s).  You can also print out a due date receipt for your items by pressing the Print button on the above screen.  The receipt will show your name, the title of the item(s) and the due date, which should match the email receipt you also receive.

* Please note that hold items expire after 7 days if they are not picked up.  They then removed from the lockers.


5.  If there are problems retrieving your hold items the title(s) will be highlighted in red and you will be told to " Please contact  library".  In that case contact Library staff at so they can assist you.