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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Finding Books

Books at the University of Regina

Searching for Books

Use Quick Find to find books (including e-books) at the University of Regina Library, Campion College Library, Luther College Library, First Nations University Library, and online.

Quick Find offers two search modes: Basic Search and Advanced Search.

  • In Basic Search, you initiate a search by entering keywords. When you get a list of search results, look for Resource Types to the left of the list, and click on the word Books under it. This leaves only books in your search results.
  • In Advanced Search you have options when you enter your keywords, such as limiting the search to a specific field (e.g. title, author, ISBN). You can limit your search results to books by selecting books from the Material Type menu, or by using the same method as is used in Basic Search (described above).

Browsing Guide for Chemistry and Biochemistry Books


Printed chemistry books in the University of Regina Library (except for reference books) are located on the 4th floor and have call numbers beginning with QD.

Biochemistry books can be found within this area in the range QD415 - QD436,
and also in the ranges QP501 - QP801 (animal biochemistry) and QK861 - QK899 (plant biochemistry).

Keep in mind that many of the books in the University of Regina collection are online only—you won't find them on the shelves.

Here is a further breakdown of the QD call numbers:

          QD1 - QD65 — General

          QD71 - QD142 — Analytical chemistry

          QD146 - QD197 — Inorganic chemistry

          QD241 - QD441 — Organic chemistry
                    QD415 - QD436 — Biochemistry (also QP501 - QP801 and QK861 - QK899)

          QD450 - QD801 — Physical and theoretical chemistry
                    QD481 — Stereochemistry
                    QD625 - QD655 — Radiation chemistry
                    QD701 - QD731 — Photochemistry

          QD901 - QD999 — Crystallography

Books at Other Libraries

There are many chemistry and biochemistry books that are not owned by the University of Regina Library. You may request any book that is not owned by the U of R via Interlibrary Loan.

Here are some resources to identify books not owned by the U of R:

Off-Campus Library Services

If you both live and study outside of Regina, check out the guide below.