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Education Psychology: ProQuest Advanced Search

Boolean Logic Example


For further explanation and visuals of Boolean logic, click here

      ProQuest Education: Advanced Search

      • In ProQuest Education Journals, click Continue at the top of the screen, then Advanced
      • Notice both the Search Tips at the top of the search boxes, and the Help link at the top right of the screen. As in ERIC (CSA), the help is for whatever function you're in. Use these links when you’re in a jam
      • Look for peer-reviewed articles
      • There are two concepts to this search: Learning comprehension and Downs Syndrome
      • Once again, we'll use the Boolean operators AND and OR to join concepts and synonyms within a concept. See the box to the left of this one for a review of Boolean searching
      • In the first search box, type: Downs Syndrome
      • Leave the Boolean operator between the two search boxes at AND
      • In the next search box, type Learning
      • Click in the box next to Scholarly journals, including peer reviewed
      • Click the Search button
      • The icons under the article titles indicate whether an article is available full text online or not, but only from ProQuest:
        • If there’s only an “Abstract” or “Citation” present, that article is not available full text from ProQuest
        • “Full text” means that a Web version of the article is available from ProQuest
        • “Text + Graphics” means that a Web version of the article, with illustrations/graphs, usually miniaturized, is available from ProQuest
        • “Full Text – PDF” means that the journal article was scanned into the computer, and therefore exists in its original version, with images, page numbers and all, exactly as in the paper journal
        • For articles not present in full text, click Find a copy under the article's title, then Where can I get this? on the right-hand side of the screen to see if the Library has a copy. Or you can do a journal title search in the library's catalogue (Change "Keyword Anywhere" to "Journal Title").