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SANDS (Spatial and Numeric Data Services)

SANDS (Spatial And Numeric Data Services) is a Library unit that can help you access data and statistics.

The SANDS guide includes links to past census data, links to accessing statistics and data from various government and non-government sources.

Need extra help locating data or statistics?  Contact the Data Services Librarian.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is a government agency that produces statistics that lead to a better understanding of the nation and its provinces and territories.

Statistics Canada data can be found by keyword searching from the Statistics Canada home page, or by using a specialized system called CANSIM.  You can access CANSIM in two ways:


CANSIM via Statistics Canada

You are encouraged to experiment with both versions to see which you prefer.

CANSIM assows you to extract data in the form of tables.  The tables can be downloaded as Excel documents, so that you can save the data you have found.

Saskatchewan Statistics

Many statistics about Saskatchewan can be found at the web site of the Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics.

The Daily

The Daily is a newsletter from Statistics Canada that places interesting statistics in context so that they are more meaningful. You can search for keywords related to your research and see if The Daily has done an article on statistic surrounding that issue.