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Biblical Studies: Find a Known Item

A guide to library resources for Biblical Studies


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Finding a Known Item


Finding a Known Book

The following video demonstrates how to search for the book John Von Neumann and Norbert Wiener: From Mathematics to the Technologies of Life and Death, by Steve Heims. After the location of the book is found, the video shows how you can use the virtual browse function to see books that are nearby on the virtual shelf.

Finding a Known Journal Article

You can use any of the information given in a citation to find a journal article using Quick Find.

In the following video, we will the authors' names and words from the title to find this article: Higham, T., Compton, T. et al. (2011). The earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in northwestern Europe. Nature, 479(7374), 521-524.

You can use Advanced Search to find a specific item (e.g. a specific book or article) you want.

Advanced Search also enables you to target your search from the beginning, particularly if you know exactly what you are seeking.  For example:

  • search for specific Material Types (books, journals, articles, videos/films, music scores, sound recordings, etc.)
  • search within a specific field (title, author, subject, ISBN, ISSN, etc.)
  • a combination of the above