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Biblical Studies: Searching for: Biblical books/chapters/verses

A guide to library resources for Biblical Studies

Searching for: Biblical books/chapters/verses

Search the library catalog by Subject to find works on specific books, chapters, verses, or other parts of the Bible:
  • Bible
  • Bible Old Testament
  • Bible New Testament
  • Bible individual book
  • Bible individual book [chapter - Roman numerals] [verse - Arabic numbers] e.g.:
               Bible  Chronicles
               Bible  Chronicles, 2nd, XXXV, 24-25              
               Bible  Corinthians
               Bible  Corinthians, 1st, VII, 29-31
               Bible  Deuteronomy  
               Bible  Ecclesiastes
               Apocalyptic literature, not Bible  Apocalyptic literature
               Book of the covenant
               Ten commandments
               Wisdom literature, not Bible Wisdom literature


Alternatively, search by Subject Heading Keyword for works on a specific book of the Bible:
  •    Bible Esther
  •    Bible Thessalonians