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Biblical Studies: Call number ranges for the Bible

A guide to library resources for Biblical Studies

Call number ranges for the Bible

Numerous versions, editions and translations of the Bible are available at Archer, Campion and Luther libraries in the call number range BS 11- BS 350

BS1-2970    The Bible
BS11-115        Early versions
BS125-355      Modern texts and versions
BS125-198            English
BS199-313            Other European languages
BS315-355            Non-European languages
BS315                         Asian languages
BS325                         African languages
BS335                         Languages of Oceania and Australasia
BS345                         American Indian languages
BS350                         Mixed languages
BS355                         Artificial languages
BS410-680        Works about the Bible
BS500-534.8         Criticism and interpretation
BS535-537             The Bible as literature
BS546-558             Bible stories.  Paraphrases of Bible stories.  The Bible story
BS569-580             Men, women, and children of the Bible
BS580                         Individual Old Testament characters
BS585-613             Study and teaching
BS647-649             Prophecy
BS650-667             Bible and science
BS670-672             Bible and social sciences
BS701-1830       Old Testament
BS705-815            Early versions
BS825-1013          Modern texts and versions
BS1091-1099        Selections.  Quotations
BS1110-1199        Works about the Old Testament
BS1160-1191.5          Criticism and interpretation
BS1200-1830         Special parts of the Old Testament
BS1901-2970       New Testament
BS1937-2020          Early texts and versions
BS2025-2213          Modern texts and versions
BS2260-2269          Selections.  Quotations
BS2280-2545          Works about the New Testament
BS2350-2393             Criticism and interpretation
BS2415-2417              The teachings of Jesus
BS2430-2520              Men, women, and children of the New Testament
BS2525-2544              Study and teaching
BS2547-2970            Special parts of the New Testament
BS2640-2765.6             Epistles of Paul

BM497-509            Talmudic literature
BM497-497.8                Mishnah
BM498-498.8                Palestinian Talmud
BM499-504.7                Babylonian Talmud
BM507-507.5                Baraita
BM508-508.5                Tosefta

BR60-67        Early Christian literature.  Fathers of the Church, etc.