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Business Administration


The Spark program is a set of modules that will guide you through the process of researching and writing a university-level paper or project.

Editing Services

If you want proofreading or editing of your papers, you may consider hiring a proofreader or editor. It is critical that you write your university papers and projects yourself to avoid plagiarism. Editors and proofreaders will not write your paper or your citations, but they can correct language and citations that you have already written.

Editors and proofreaders can be found online. Make sure that any editing or proofreading service you approach is not offering to write your papers for you, or do your research for you, as this would constitute academic dishonesty and/or plagiarism. 

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre has many free programs and supports for all your academic work.

Other Online Writing Supports

Writing Help at the University of Regina

The UofR Library does not provide focused writing help, editing or proofreading, or instruction and feedback on citation. However, there are many other resources you can access as a UofR student to support your writing assignments and projects.