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Business Administration

Business Case Studies in Quick Find

You can search in Quick Find using the search term "case studies" and your topic.  Example: "case studies" and "organizational behaviour."

You can also browse by doing a subject search with one of the following subjects (cut and paste for accuracy):

Business ethics -- Case studies

Business failures -- Case studies

Business networks -- Case studies

Electronic commerce -- Case studies

Entrepreneurship -- Case studies

Industrial management -- Case studies

Industrial relations -- Case studies

International business enterprises -- Case studies

Leadership -- Case studies

Organizational change -- Case studies

Organizational effectiveness -- Case studies

Finding Case Studies in Databases

Business cases are available in many databases. Select "Advanced Search" and then select "Case Studies" from the dropdown menu for "Document Type." Then enter in the case title, or keywords associated with the subject you're looking for.

Suggested databases:

Purchasing Case Studies

Need a specific case the library doesn't have?  First, try Googling the title of the case, which usually takes you to a site where it can be purchased.

You can also browse cases in the following websites:

Harvard Cases

Some Harvard Business School Cases are available through the library.  Others must be purchased by students.

Looking for HBS cases in the library?  Try searching The Harvard Business Review through the following databases:

Business Cases

Often you will need to access business cases for your classes or assignments. Popular case publishers, such as Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Ivey School of Business, do not sell cases directly to Libraries, but cases from these publishers can be purchased by individuals. Note that HBS offers up to 50% discounts for students and educators. Faculty and instructors can register to secure discounts for their students here.

The Library has access to other published business case studies. See below for instructions on finding these. You can also contact the Business Librarian ( or the Library Help Desk ( for help finding case studies and doing business research of all kinds.

Free Business Cases Online

There are business cases available freely online.  Be sure to evaluate what you find to be sure the quality is acceptable.  Some suggestions for finding cases online: