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A guide for using library resources for finding economics information.


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It is important how to effectively read and understand journal articles.  It is a critical part of the cyclical research process.  This handout gives concise and practical tips for reading a humanities and social science journal article.

Maintaining academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism are vital when writing.  Understanding the intentional and unintentional use of an individual's ideas or words is critical.  Some guidelines are here.  

Several university libraries have resoures on how to compile a literature review.  A partial list can be found here.

The University of Regina Library has a series of How Do I...LibGuides that offer explanations on the basics of getting started to do research.


Use the tabs above to access resources for research in economics.  If you require assistance at any stage of research or writing, please contact Christina Winter, the Economics Librarian. 

A helpful resource that has tips to improve your academic and research skills is called SPARK and it is available here

Another useful resource about research basics is available here


Un marché sous la République universelle démocratique et sociale. Réalisation : [estampe].  Frédéric Sorrieu, 1848. Credit: Bibliotheque nationale de France.

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