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Rapidly Shifting Your In-Person Course to Online: Copyright Considerations

Streaming Video for Required Courses

The library provides access to a number of streaming video databases, and we can often purchase streaming access if it is commercially available through one of our vendors.

If you require students to view a DVD or VHS video that is not commercially available in a streaming format, the Library can convert it to a streaming digital copy so it is accessible to students in URCourses. 

Please place the request in QuickFind or email the library for more information.  Please be aware that digitization of DVDs depends on the availability of the material and can take two to four weeks, so plan ahead!


  • The DVD/VHS video must not be available commercially in a streaming format from the following sources (a library vendor, iTunes, Google Play/Youtube, Netflix, Crave)
  • The DVD/VHS video must be required viewing for the class, and it will be included as a substantial part of class discussion. Supplemental or optional material is not eligible.
  • The Library makes DVD/VHS video available as streaming video only in URCourses based on instructor request, in compliance with sections 30.01 and 41.1 of the Copyright Act.
  • The DVD/VHS must be part of the Library’s collection or owned by the instructor.
  • We are not able to convert Blu-Ray discs.
  • The Library must include the video link in its reading list system (accessible from URCourses) along with the required copyright statement.
  • The Library will delete the file from the streaming server within 30 days of the last day of classes.

By submitting a request, the instructor agrees that:

  1. This video is required viewing for all students in the class, and it will be included as a substantial part of the class discussion.
  2. Access to the video will not be shared outside of members of the class.
  3. The video, if provided by the instructor and not by the Library, is a legal copy.
This text has been adapted from "Streaming video for required course videos" with permission of Don Taylor from SFU’s Copyright Office.