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Guide to Archival & Primary Source Instruction

A guide for teaching faculty and staff to learn about archival and primary source instruction at the University of Regina

How to Use this Guide

This guide is designed to provide teaching faculty and staff with useful resources on how to use primary source materials in the classroom. It includes general sources on archives and their value as teaching tools, as well as detailed examples of the types of instruction offered by the University of Regina Archives. 

Sections include:

About the Archives

The University of Regina Archives & Special Collections is mandated to preserve, promote, and provide access to the recorded academic and cultural heritage of the University of Regina. The archival collection consists of original materials relating to the University, its faculty, staff, and students, from the inception of Regina College in 1911 to the present day. Areas of specific focus include University history, visual arts, journalism, and Saskatchewan literature. 

The University of Regina Archives contains materials that can connect to a variety of research areas, including: English literature, political science, history, visual arts, journalism, and other disciplines. Incorporating these holdings into course instruction is a valuable way to introduce critical thinking and research skills into the classroom, and to promote learning about local history, its implications for the present day, and its connections to larger national and international themes.