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Library Leisure: Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead

Another great example of syncretism, Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos, or Día de Muertos) is a traditional Mexican celebration that is often mistakenly associated with Halloween.  By creating ofrendas (altars) of delicious food, photographs and vibrant decorations, Día de Muertos is a meaningful event to remember lost loved ones.  Check out more reading, films and traditions below.

Informational Videos

Traditional Foods and Beverages

Pan de Muerto is a traditional sweet bread baked for Day of the Dead celebrations.  Check out the written recipe below and the YouTube video (in Spanish) showing a similar baking method.

Pan de Muerto Written Recipe (in English)

What's one of the best beverages to accompany Pan de Muerto?  Traditional Mexican hot chocolate.  Check out a great recipe below.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Written Recipe (in English)

Movies and Further Reading

Festivals: Day of the Dead, Mexico

This film showcases Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations that unite the living and the dead in feasting, dancing and decoration. 


A boy journeys into the Land of the Dead to seek forgiveness from his ancestors and lift a curse.