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Created for the new faculty orientation, but can be used by anyone conducting research at the University of Regina!

Research Supports

Outlines resources and services provided by the Library to support researchers with conducting research. On this page you'll find information on:

  • Library In-Kind Supports for Grant Application
  • Research Software Support
  • Research Data Management

Library In-Kind Supports for Grant Applications

Archer Library provides several services that can be documented on grant applications. Services include:

  • Librarian Support for Scoping and Systematic Reviews
  • Research Data Management
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Copyright Support
  • Digitization and Digital Asset Management

To find more information about these services, visit this guide:

Research Software Support

The University of Regina has institutional licenses for software commonly used in research including Qualtrics, and SPSS.


Qualtrics is web-based, user friendly survey software. It allows researchers to do surveys, feedback, and polls.

To access the institutional Qualtrics software:

To learn more about how to use Qualtrics:

Contact Cara Bradley for more information on Qualtics.


SPSS is a user friendly statistical software that allows researchers to run statistical analysis, reports, and visualizations.

To access the institutional software:

To view tutorials on how to use SPSS software:

Contact Kaetlyn Phillips for more information on SPSS.

Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) allows researchers to plan how their data will be created, collected, shared, and stored.

For more information on RDM:

The DMP Assistant by Portage is great for starting the RDM process.

Researchers can store, share, and openly publish data with the University of Regina's Dataverse.

For more information about RDM, contact Kaetlyn Phillips