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Archer Book Club: October 2020

Welcome to the Archer Book Club, or the ABC!

Selection of the Month

  • The classic ghost story attributed to Washington Irving that has inspired a number of films, cartoons and adaptations.
  • Editions vary,  but the average length of this short story is approximately 45 pages.
  • Brief Plot Summary:  Ichabod Crane is an absent-minded school teacher who moves to the New England village of Sleepy Hollow, where trouble soon begins with love-interest Katrina, rival Brom Bones, and a ghost story about a terrifying Headless Horseman.


Discussion Points

The following conversation points will be used as basic prompts for discussion, food for thought, etc.

  • What did you think of the short story?  Was it what you expected?
  • How did the story compare to film adaptations?
  • Who is the true villain in this story?
  • What do you think of the community in Sleepy Hollow?
  • In a 1<10 Scare-O-Meter, how scary is this story?  How does it compare to other ghost stories you have read?

Further Reading and Materials

Zoom Meeting Information

Zoom information will be provided closer to the planned meeting: 12:00pm-1:00pm, October 21, 2020 .