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LGBTQ+ Resources: Books

LGBTQ+ resources available at the U of R libraries, along with key resources available online.

A Word About Words

In the lists below, you may see terms that are no longer in use and/or that are no longer considered acceptable.  However, you may still need to use them in order to find information on your topic, particularly if you're looking at older/historical sources.  While library classification systems do try to change as society grows and changes, biases may still be present.  

For more on the topic of classification bias, see Amanda Ros's article The bias hiding in your library.  

Finding Books in Quick Find

Keyword searching in Quick Find for books on LGBTQ topics will require you to be familiar with diverse and changing terminology.  The mind map below created by Sheridan College Library gives an overview of some of the more common terms used in researching LGBTQ topics. 

Quick Find Help

Selected Books at Archer

Other Campus Collections