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How do I Find a Book? : 2. Evaluating Results

This tutorial will teach you how to search the Library catalogue and shelves for resources.

2. Evaluating results

There can be many items under a title as seen below. When this happens you can see how many version exist in our collection by clicking the link above the title. This will bring up all the different versions we have of a particular item. Books often come in different media (eBooks, articles, print books), versions (older and new editions) and printings by different publishers (university presses, independent publishers, and big-name publishers).

2.1 Filters

Filters can be found on the left hand side of the page. Filters will help narrow your search if your results are too broad or general. If the items in your search results aren't related to your key terms, try using some filters.

2.1.1 Commonly Used Filters

Filters can be used to refine your search. Some commoly used filters to try are: 

  • "In Library" for physical items
  • "Peer-Reviewed Journals" for academic articles
  • "Full Text Online" for digital resources
  • "Audio Visual" for films, recordings, records, and other AV materials
  • Adjust the publication dates if you know when the item was published

2.2 Availability

Quickfind displays when an item is available to be checked out. If an item is listed as "Currently Unavailable", it has likely been checked out by another student. 

2.3 Location

Quickfind displays an item's location, and will show items in another library's collection. This includes both libraries on and off campus, including First Nations University Regina, First Nations University Prince Albert, Campion Library, Luther Library, and more.